What's so special about Tsumeb Industrial Heritage?

- Africa's richest copper and lead mine ever

- especially arsenic copper, lead, zinc, silver, germanium, cadmium
and 274 different minerals in one (!) place plus rare and unusual

- location specific minerals, many singularities like Tsumebite,
Tsumcorite, Arsentsumebite and some still unnamend chemical
combinations of zinc arsenate

- Pioneer engineering and scientific work - the ore microscope was
invented here in 1915!

- Historical influence leading to a vital nation because the transformation
from a purely migratory society to permanent settling community is a result
of continuous mining and industrial acitivity

- Appreciate your history, master your future!


- Watch our sleeping beauty

- A 7 cylinder diesel engine off a submarine

Sleeping beauty slideshow

- probably installed in the late sixties or early seventies as a power supply

- most likely a General Motors 8-268 or 8-268A engine

- researchers and industrial conservators are welcome to supply further information